Full Body Reiki Session - 60 min

Providing you with healing that is customized specifically to your needs to clear and align the body and your energetic fields for peace and harmony. Rebalancing your body's energy to create many beneficial effects that include relaxation, stress reduction, pain relief, and recovery.

To schedule an appointment call Agnes at (301) 518-1972 or email at reikiwithagnes@gmail.com



Reiki-Infused Bracelets by Agnes


I have always been attracted to the beauty of natural rocks and gemstones. During my Reiki sessions, I always like to take advantage of the many benefits of crystals. Each crystal contains its own set of of energy and qualities, and I like to choose them intuitively. Some of them just feel right for me, and sometimes, when I check their meanings in books, such as "The Crystal Bible" by Judy Hall, I understand why I picked that specific stone in the first place!


I started working with crystal bracelets as a hobby at first. For each day, I would choose a different bracelet, depending on my needs for my body or mind, or I would just use my intuition to pick one. Then my Reiki clients and friends started asking me to make them so they could offer them as gifts - and that's how I started.


For a while I had debated on having an online store to sell them, but my intuition never led me that way. I wanted people to contact me so I could show them the bracelets and what stones I had to make them. It just felt right that way, more personal, and I could infuse them with Reiki energy while making the bracelets or before selling them to my clients.  I am always happy to make a suggestion on which stones you could benefit more from!


If you have questions or if you want to purchase a bracelet, you can contact Agnes directly at (301) 518-1972 or at reikiwithagnes@gmail.com. You can always visit my Instagram @bracelets_by_agnes to see pictures of my work.


In Love & Light,

Agnes Dodge, Reiki Master

Meditation Sessions at Freezone Fitness

Once a month Agnes offers meditation sessions at Freezone Fitness (New Market, MD) for a $10 drop-in fee (non-members)




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