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Agnes's Reiki Journey

Agnes Dodge is a Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master and college instructor. A couple of years back, she was going through a rough time with chronic headaches and she decided to try alternative methods of healing. Her doctor told her there was no pill in the world capable of helping her and suggested alternative treatment. She then tried acupuncture and chiropractic treatments. She loved the treatments, but something else, on emotional and spiritual levels, still needed to be addressed, as the pain would still find its way back.

After reading about Reiki and the relief of chronic pains, she decided to have a Reiki session. The results were very good. Her headaches were stress related and chronic, but she realized that by having Reiki the intensity and the frequency of the pain diminished.  She felt at peace after the sessions, and she knew she needed to be more involved with Reiki. She decided to take classes at Seven Embers Healing and then became a practitioner, and eventually a Reiki Master and teacher.

Reiki changed her life, and it also changed the way she saw things. She became more aware, relaxed, and perceptive. She noticed she could concentrate better at work and she was constantly in a much better mood. She describes Reiki treatment as a soft light glowing inside us. 'We all have that light. We just need to turn on the switch! Reiki simply brings the best in us. When we are in our best emotional state, healing happens naturally.'

Reiki is not the only form of alternative medicine methods Agnes uses daily. She also teaches meditation classes and she often incorporates meditation in her Reiki sessions, as well as essential oils and crystals.

Agnes Dodge, Reiki Master

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Agnes is seeing clients at  Freezone Fitness in New Market, MD.





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